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Do you like the illustrations on the designs of the products of the store?Β 

Do you have a pet or animal in mind for which you'd like your own illustration? Check out this blog post to tell you a bit more about the animal and pet illustrations that I create!

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Looking for a great Christmas gift? One where all the pressure is off you? Check out our gift cards for the gift of choice. With all the products we have to offer (and more to be added before the end of the year), we are confident that there's something in our store for everyone!

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I recently came across this article on white rhinos and how to hopefully preserve the species. I thought it was a great article and I love sharing hopeful news. Because of poaching, different species of rhinos suffer the possibility of extinction.Β  David Attenborough is someone who greatly cares about the environment and animals, and he's part of this process. Watch and share your thoughts and comments below.Β  Thank you for reading!

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