Beautiful Baby Genet Sleeping Print

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In collaboration with the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet, I created some illustrations from former and present patients of theirs. The genet is an animal that crosses paths with the clinic more than once. This one, like all others, now lives in the wild, as is in the case of these creatures,  was orphaned, and couldn't be reunited with his mom as a youngling. 

These and many other beautiful animals are or have been patients of the Johannesburg Wildlife Clinic, where they help them with treatment if required, or care for them until they can go back into the wild. They rely solely on donations to keep their doors open, which is why, for every sale of this print, 50% of the profit will go directly to the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet clinic. 

This poster comes in A4, and the frame, which includes a mat board, is 30x40cm. Perfect for any room!

Get one or get them both! For a limited time only!