Jackal Pup Postcard

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In collaboration with the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet, I worked on a few illustrations of some of their patients, namely, these jackal pups that are currently under their care, and were rescued by the local police after they had been snatched from their burrow. I am told that they are growing up to be confident and fierce, and will be released into the wild once they can fend for themselves. 

When you purchase one of these cards, 50% of the profits from each sale will go directly to the Johannesburg Wildlife Vet, as they rely solely on donations to keep their doors open and keep helping and saving the wildlife under their care. They do great work, which is why I wanted to collaborate with them to create these illustrations and make them available to you so, you too, can support their cause.

If you are wondering, these come in one size, 6.9" × 4.9" (17.5cm × 12.5cm), and they each include an envelope. They would make for a nice card to receive in the mail in these days of digital communication, especially if the receiver is an animal lover.