Humorous Valentine Card

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Have a little fun, and be cheeky with your lover. This humorous card of the Peacock spider doing its dance for the female, in the hopes of mating, is a great card to give to that animal lover that you so adore.
Maybe you are not familiar with the ritual, so let me tell ya. The male Peacock spider does a dance in the hopes to impress the female, if he succeeds, she'll mate with him, if not, she'll have him for lunch. If he succeeds, but she still feels greedy, she'll have him for dessert.
This card, with the message:
"Be my Valentine... and you can have me for dessert", is a very cheeky way of telling your other half that you want the night to go on (wink, wink).

Comes with a complimentary envelope, so you don't have to go looking for the perfect fit for this card.