And so it's March, and I'm taking over this blog 😸

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And so it's March, and I'm taking over this blog 😸

My hooman complains that I don't do enough around here. She accuses me of sleeping too much, or being too lazy. So, I said, OK, hooman, what can I do? I guess it's the least I can do since she does feed me and let's me scratch her hands. Though, let's be honest, isn't that just the bare minimum? It's not like we go on luxurious vacations or anything.

However, I know she's a pretty boring blogger, so I figured I'd give it a try and spice up this space a little bit. Hoomans can be such a drag sometimes!

Well, what can I say? March is already here, and with it I can feel in the air that Spring is around the corner. I love Spring: longer days, warmer air, more animals to spy on through the windows and, especially, more sun bathing the floor in the apartment for me to enjoy! Who doesn't like sun? 🌞

My hooman has been working on this website of hers for her services... she talks about illustrations and pet portraits, but has asked me not to share the link just yet, as there are a few things she's finishing up before she shares with the whole wide world. I think... 'who cares anyway?'... but I don't tell her that. I rub my body against her legs in support. That sometimes actually buys me a petting or a treat or some play-time together. I enjoy our play-time together, though I prefer to do that at night. I usually work with her behind her laptop... with my eyes closed... I tell her that's how I come up with ideas for the next blog post.

In any case, this image here is an illustration she did. She might be weird and quirky, but I love her and I think her illustrations are quite fun. I know she's done a few of them and people seem to like them. She's also working on a few others right now. I will share later this week a few of those illustrations, and, hopefully, soon she'll let me post the link to her new site.

I can tell by the energy she exudes that it's something she's excited and happy about. She loves us animals, even when I scratch her and play a little rough. I've had brothers and sisters in the past, and she's been kind to each one of us. I'm not surprised she wants to work with people who love us animals the same way β€”or moreβ€” than she does. I'm lucky to have found myself a good hooman and, if you are reading this, I hope you are lucky to have some loving hoomans and/or furry family members to give you TLC when you need it.

Well, I'm signing off for now, but I will be back later this week with more news. I might report on my latest adventures.

Be happy and go snuggle with your pet now! I'm off to my grooming session, so I've got no more time for ya.


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