Bees and their olfactory senses

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Bees and their olfactory senses

A while ago I came across an article through Detroit Hives —who, by the way, are doing an amazing campaign called the Bee Well care packages, where they provide residents and front-line workers with a package with some basic essential needs to help flatten the curve. Check it out here!

This article I mention talks about training bees to smell bombs. I had no idea that bees had such an amazing olfactory sense. 

Check out the following video below and also read this article by LiveScience.Com if you want to learn more. 

I will be adding a bee design shortly to my store if you, like me, love these little fellows. It being spring and the time for them to start coming out, it's possible that there will be more this year due to the quarantine. Plant some seeds in your gardens/balconies to enjoy the dance these little guys share with the flowers they pollinate.  

Stay well, stay safe and stay home :-)


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