Great giveaways! 🛍️

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Great giveaways! 🛍️

I love giveaways! Doing them and participating in them!
Who doesn't, right?

Last month I started with giveaways because I wanted to thank my tribe for being there, whether reading the newsletters, following on social media or being a fan of the products on the store! I mean, one doesn't have a business if one doesn't have the customers/clients to buy. Therefore, my way to show appreciation and gratitude for my customers/clients/followers/subscribers is by doing giveaways once a month. 

The first giveaway was for a poster from the store. This month it was a social media giveaway for a custom illustration of the winner's pet. So exciting and exhilarating to do that. I LOVE IT! 😻
And I'm already planning my next newsletter giveaway. You don't wanna miss out, so go right over to subscribe to the newsletter. It's going to be a good one!

Wait? What? You are still here? What are you still doing here? Go head over to subscribe to the newsletter right now! Yes, NOW!
And I invite you to follow me on social media so you don't miss out on those either ;-)

Once again, thank you for reading!
Have a wonderful day,

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