January 20 was Penguin Awareness Day! 🐧

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January 20 was Penguin Awareness Day! 🐧

There are many different species of penguins, some of which are seeing their numbers decrease, such as the majestic Emperor Penguin. 

January 20 marks a day to celebrate these cute and charismatic birds that live mostly in the southern hemisphere. 

Here's a fun-fact about penguins: 

Their "elegant suit" helps them survive in the wild. The black on the top helps them blend with the black water on top and the white in their bellies helps them blend with the reflection coming from the bottom, making it easier for them to fish and not be easily spotted by predators. Nature sure is a genius! 

To celebrate these awesome animals, I created an illustration. Thank you, penguins, for all the smiles you bring to us and for being part of this Planet!

Illustration of penguin hurrying to celebrate its day.

Thank you again, dear reader, for being there and checking out this post!

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