Paying tribute to all forests! 🌳

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Paying tribute to all forests! 🌳

As the hot season approaches (at least in the Northern hemisphere), I added the Amazon on fire design to t-shirts to bring awareness to wildfires that rage through different forests throughout the world. A couple of years ago there was a really big one in the Amazon (which is what inspired me to do this design), then one in Siberia and, of course, the one in Australia followed at the end of 2019 and kept on going early on 2020. 

This design intends to make us more aware and more careful when we spend time in the forests because, although some fires occur naturally, many are human-made. It's important to be conscious of the effects these raging fires have on the environment and the wildlife that inhabits the affected areas. 

Check out this wildlife/environment conscious design, and remember to get one to show your support! 💕

Women's Amazon on fire tee

Back side

Men's Amazon Fire tee
Amazon on fire mug Amazon on fire poster Amazon on fire sticker


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The world, the environment and all its creatures are so crucial to the health of the Planet and, therefore, for the success of humankind, that being aware of what's going on is what I try to do on a daily basis. 

As Jane Goodall said: “Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved.” 

Sunrise in the Amazon

And I know, dear reader, that you do care. If you don't feel like purchasing something from the store, but still want to help, check out my about page for some of the organizations I support. 

Thank you for reading!

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