Vegan leather dog leashes made out of apples 🍏🍎

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Vegan leather dog leashes made out of apples 🍏🍎

This has got one of the coolest things I've seen this year. What am I talking about? Well, these awesome vegan leather products made out of apple skins and organic leather that are much, much more environmentally friendly than regular leather.

I love finding companies that work on animal products while also caring about the environment and the Planet. So go over to Blu Project's website and check out what else they are up to.Β 

Personally, when I get a new puppy, I will most likely get one of these leashes and try them out (hopefully my dog won't eat it 😜). Serioulsy, though, it's great that companies are becoming more conscious and creating a market for these types of products. 

Note: I'm not receiving a commission or incentive for publishing this. I am not an affiliate and have no gain but to promote things that are good for the environment, your pets and the Planet 😌

Thank you for reading!

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